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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What do I do if I have got a burst external water pipe?
A. Assuming it is the water pipe from the water company stop cock through to your property then you can normally isolate this by utilising the water company’s stop cock which is normally situated in the pavement/edge of property/boundary.


Q. What if I can’t seem to be able to turn this stop cock off?
A. Unfortunately as the stop cock only ever gets used in the case of emergency a lot of the time these valves are too stiff to turn, just simply because they haven’t been used. You can buy a large stop cock key from your local plumbers merchants which will enable you to be able to turn it or if it has got an unusual type of valve.


Q. Do I have to turn it off?
A. On most cases people tend to leave the valve turned on because clearly they will need running water until the leak is fixed. But it is best to call a plumbing company as soon as possible to attend and either carry out the repair or provide a free quotation.


Q. What if I am on a water meter?
A Obviously the more water you use the more you are going to be charged by the water company so the repair on the pipe should be completed as soon as possible.


Q What if my water meter is continually running yet I can’t see any visible sign of a leak?
A. Some water leaks run straight to ground which means instead of the water coming up to the surface they just disappear and get absorbed by the surrounding groundwork. The problem with this is that eventually it may cause the area to sink and it can be very costly if you are on a meter and it can also cause all sorts of problems with building subsidence.

If you notice that your meter is running continuously when water is not being used at the property or you notice that the ground appears wet or damp in a certain area then it is worth calling a specialist plumbing company out who deal with this type of repair to give you free advice and a quotation to carry out the repair works.


Q. Does this mean my driveway/pathway has got to be dug up?
A. In most cases, no, because technology these days allows for water mains to be installed using ‘moling equipment’ which means that provided a small excavation can be carried out between two points then the main can be installed underground without any disruption to driveways or pathways which reduces the cost considerably and also reduces the time required on site.


Q. How much will it cost and will my insurance cover this?
A. The cost depends on what is involved in completing the repair and provided the claim is handled correctly from beginning to end and under the right category then it can possibly be claimed for on your buildings insurance. The only cost to the customer would be the excess (usually between £50 and a £100) and the remaining cost the insurance may cover.


The Water Main Company has over twenty five years’ experience of providing great customer service. They provide free quotations on request and can either repair or install new water mains using excavation methods or ‘no dig’ technology by moling the water main through. They also provide a free claims management service, at no cost to the customer for dealing with their claim from beginning to end in a professional accurate manner. Please call 0800 0461210.