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About Moling Techniques

Moling is a technique used in the construction industry to lay pipes without digging trenches. The usual technique is to use a machine which forces its way through soil using pneumatic compression along the path of a pipe. Moling avoids the need for disruption and damage to the surrounding area.


Moling is begun by digging a small hole [about 1m square and 2m deep for fresh excavations]. The moling process begins by entering the soil horizontally at the base of the hole. In some instances new holes may not need to be dug. For a fresh pipe run a destination hole is also dug. Standard Mole design is a steel construction about 60cm long and 6 cm wide. Pulsed compressed air causes the head of the mole to hammer repeatedly against the soil. Once the Mole has cleared the pipe path the pipe can be pulled through the tunnel.

Moling is just one of the services we provide to ensure that any work done on an existing water main or for new mains is as non-disruptive as possible.